Challenge Solutions Innovation


At PJM our priority is to help our customers find innovative ways to overcome the challenges of developing their business in a way that meets their costumer’s expectations and at the same time increases efficiency and reduces costs.

We would rather show than tell, so please take a look at our solutions; all of which are based on substantial experience with production machinery.
And don’t hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.

Our technical expertise

We often kick off the creative process by asking our customer:

What are your biggest challenges, concerning your production value chain, and what do you expect to obtain, concerning efficiency in workflow, product quality, and agility in meeting market expectations?

Even though our solutions build on experience and – to some extend – on the use of standard products and component, we always go out of our way to design and construct in close coordination with our customers.

Finding the ideal solution

We design and manufacture machinery for industrial production. With our profound knowledge about and expertise in automation processes and mechanical assembly we challenge traditional thinking. We always look for unique ways of developing solutions that contribute to obtaining our customer’s business goals.

The passionate inventor

Lead principles for machine design

Simplicity in the customer’s product

The final product must contain the fewest possible parts

Possible product standardisation for several product variants

Suitability for automation (regarding geometry, dimensions, tolerances, surface texture etc.)

Uncomplicated production processes

Simple machine construction

High process stability and performance

Low operational costs, including low maintenance costs and low downtime, thanks to the use of robust high quality components.

Easy ordering and few, easy adjustments when changing product

Easy servicing for operators and maintenance staff.

Use of standard products and components

Low prices for standard components and for specially developed components

Lower fault rate thanks to thoroughly tested components

Fewest possible spare parts and thereby less storage costs

Well-known components for maintenance organisations

Following the customer’s technical requirements and the authorities’ requirements

Compliance with the customer’s technical requirements for the technical solution (programming standards, requirements for electrical installations, choice of components etc.)

Compliance with the authorities’ requirements for health, safety and the working environment.

The creative process