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Industrial manufacturing



At PJM, we excel when it comes to integrating many different production processes into one efficient, fast and creative process.

We do this by co-developing our solutions in close collaboration with you – in fact, the sooner you take us on, the more value we can create for you along the way.

The advantages of automating industrial processes are many - here are some of the most important:

  • Unrivalled speed and precision in all production phases
  • Reduced human intervention in the production process minimizes risk and repetitive work
  • High OEE: Low downtime and production loss
  • High ROI: Ability to produce 24/7
  • Ability to produce consistent quality products in extremely high numbers

We bring decades of experience in integrating and automating production processes to the table, working with you and with third-party equipment providers.

In many projects, you have the in-depth knowledge of the production processes in your assembly line - we are the experts in automation and integration. Together, we can create outstanding solutions, as our track record shows.

For front-end development and pilot projects, we offer you the services of our Innovation Lab, where we focus on developing creative and forward-looking solutions with all the latest from Industry 4.0.

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Some of the many production processes we are able to automate and integrate are:

  • Parts feeding and transfer, including high-speed manual or automatic infeed, foil handling, tray handling and stacking
  • Joining, including press fitting, welding, gluing and flanging
  • Pick-and-place operations, such as pneumatic-driven, servo-driven, robot-driven with SCARA, 6-axis and collaborative robots
  • Laser stripping and cutting
  • Impulse sealing and cutting
  • Heat and light treatment such as curing and corona treatment
  • Liquid/gas processes including ATEX-compliant mixing, filling and dosing
  • Inkjet, laser engraving or pad printing
  • High-precision micro-sticker application
Integrated Product Control (IPC) and Quality Control
  • In-line vision at hi-res/hi-speed and Smart Cam/sensors
  • Mechanical tests such as force/torque testing, position/dimension test (0.1 µm resolution), weight test (0.01 g resolution) and pull test
  • Liquid/gas testing, air leak/pressure test and water/air flow test

Our solutions also cover sorting and counting operations for packaging applications.


Innovation Lab: Front-end engineering

In early phases of production or production design, the specialists in our Innovation Lab can work with your experts to create a product design that is ideally suitable for automation.

We call this front-end engineering, and it covers such processes as prototyping with 3D printing, pilot projects and early co-development. In such projects, we employ all the latest from Industry 4.0, often in close collaboration with external suppliers, universities and scientists.

We can bring our expertise and experience to the table and help you make alterations in the product or production design that will enable automation to be successful.

Sometimes, it's the tiniest detail that can make all the difference and result in a production line that is faster, safer and far more efficient.

In fact, the sooner you take us on board, the more value we can add to your process.

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