Specialized packaging solutions are our forte.


We integrate automated packaging solutions into your production line to provide you with faster, better, safer and more traceable product packaging and labelling.

Automated packaging lines are becoming increasingly widespread in many types of production, both as a way of ensuring quick and precise packaging, but also as an important part of efforts to increase health and safety in the workplace (EHS) by allowing employees to become free from repetitive and potentially harmful working procedures.

We integrate the automation solution you need with your other production processes, making your production faster and more efficient.

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Our solutions comprise processes such as:

  • Carton/box erectors
  • Pick-and-place of all parts
  • Position indexing
  • Automatic visual batch number control and serialisation
  • Recipe-controlled production via camera technology
  • Sealing, gluing and laser marking
  • Label printing and application via robotics
  • Automated shipper box packaging
  • Palletization

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