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PJM A/S is a full-service automation supplier offering the development of advanced automation solutions within a multitude of businesses – for the medical and other general production industries. 

Poul Johansen Maskiner (PJM) was founded by manufacturer Poul Johansen in 1960. Customer focus, unique solutions and quality remain as leading values in the company along with responsibility and respect for people.

Since creating our first automation ideas in an old stable, we have been developing advanced automation solutions for several industries and businesses across the globe.

Global reach and close collaboration

We have a history of long-standing relations with our customers.

Global companies such as LEGO, Novo Nordisk, Coloplast, Danfoss and ConvaTec have been valued customers at PJM for decades, often returning to us again and again in a mutual process of development, creativity and collaboration.


”We are proud to have been able to maintain long-term relationships with our customers. We have built a particularly good platform that serves as a strong foundation for our future.

I think we have a slightly different way of running our company compared to others. We look at the whole person, rather than just their professional skills.

We have a special way with people.”

Poul Johansen, founder


In 1972 the company was turned into a joint-stock company and in 1992, 55% of the stocks were placed in the foundation, Poul Johansen Fonden af 1992 and the rest remained with the family. In April 2021, the majority of shares in PJM was acquired by the BILA Group, Scandinavia’s leading supplier of industrial automation solutions. However, the foundation is still part of the ownership keeping a minority of 20% of the shares.

We work closely with our customers from beginning to end, adding value all the way from first draft to hand-over of an installed and serviced automation solution.

We specialize in the handling of complex processes involving parts manufacturing, assembly, counting and many other processes with small to medium-sized components. Our solutions can be found in the medical industry, in toy production and countless other general industrial manufacturing processes.


While you are the expert in your business area, we are experts in making your production processes better, faster and more profitable.

Our roots and our passion are to be found within traditional, mechanical engineering and automation technology.

Today, we combine classical engineering craftsmanship with advanced robotics, software and digitalization, paving the way for the advanced and efficient industrial production of tomorrow.


Code of Conduct

PJM remains true to the leading values on which the company is founded, values which have shaped the organizational culture of the company with respect for customers, suppliers, employees and our surrounding society.

PJM follows all aspects of the ILO Declaration.


Our vision is to be

your excellent solution partner in automation of industrial manufacturing processes.

The mission of PJM

We develop and design advanced customized automation solutions in collaboration with our customers and partners, from idea to operation.

We focus on meeting our customers' needs regarding:

Total Cost of Ownership
End-product quality
Continued service and support


Three core values guide us every day



  • We adhere to mutual agreements and promised deadlines
  • We take responsibility for the work we do, and shall notify our partners about problems and issues
  • We always follow agreed procedures and guidelines
  • We inform our colleagues and partners in due time
  • We handle company time and money with respect



  • We seek out and share knowledge
  • We give constructive feedback and challenge each other
  • We ensure smooth handovers enabling good team work
  • We offer help and ask for help – also across functions
  • We are open to other people’s ideas and experience



  • We take ownership of our own tasks and projects
  • We take the initiative and seek solutions
  • We are open-minded to change and innovation
  • We show each other respect and remember appraisals
  • We are willing to walk the extra mile when needed

Facts about PJM


Founded in 1960
by Poul Johansen.
Part of the BILA Group.


Approx. 150 employees in Faarevejle and Ballerup, Denmark


Solutions installed in Europe, Americas and China


Automation solutions for industrial production in varying project size.


Headquarters located 100 km north-west of Copenhagen, Denmark


ISO 9001 certified

PJM A/S is certified according to ISO 9001.

You can download the current certificate here >> 


Supporting the UN global goals

We are committed to the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals and have decided to focus our efforts on the following three goals:


Goal #8

Decent work and economic growth

One of the hallmarks of PJM is to build machines that ensure a safe, healthy working environment. Automation can help eliminate repetitive work while leveraging economic growth through improved productivity.

We also take responsibility for the education of coming generations by offering apprenticeship and trainee programs. 


Goal #9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We are a technology-driven company, and innovation is always at the forefront when we develop new machines. Our machines are installed across the globe and can help create new jobs and facilitate sustainable production.

By making local production easier, the global carbon footprint from the transport sector can be reduced.


Goal #12

Responsible consumption and production

We design our machines to be as energy efficient as possible.

We take care to choose the proper materials and components for the construction and operation of our machines.

This helps us reduce waste and facilitates recycling of materials wherever possible.


Our consumption of electrical power is covered by sustainable energy

You can view our certificate here >>


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